Fae'd Up and Frustrated

Book 1

Fate’s a freaking beach.

I’m a powerless, wingless fae in a town full of supernaturals. As if that isn’t enough of a punishment, I get accused of murdering a well-to-do vampire.

Mother duck!

Has someone cursed me? (Other than my obnoxious mother who put a cursing curse on me to clean up my potty mouth?)


The cop investigating me is my dragon shifter ex. While I’ve dreamed about him chaining me up—this is definitely not what I had in mind.

Then I meet the world’s hottest vampire. And I think he did it.

If fate doesn’t have it out for me—someone definitely does. I have to find out who—and fast—before I’m locked in a fudgin’ dungeon for good.

Book 2

My job is the worst—I’m dead serious.

I joined the Tres Lunas Police Academy because I’m a bad mofo.

Okay, fine. I’m a wingless part-fairy in a town full of supernaturals looking for validation, alright?

But it’s not very validating when your tiger shifter captain picks on you and has you clean up monster spit or stand guard at super boring city council meetings.

Not until a dude drops dead onstage.

Now, I’m stuck at a crime scene and the police chief—a smoking hot dragon shifter I’ve been burned by before—is here.

I have to avoid him and the killer.


Can my job get any worse?

It can when the murderer turns out to be a serial killer.


Book 3

Rule number one of romance—don’t poison the girl.

You’d think it’s a simple rule, right?

Apparently not for my new vampire boyfriend. Only, I don’t eat the cookies he had delivered. My best friend’s boyfriend does.

We rush Danny to the hospital only to find my captain and the chief of police already there investigating some murders.

Yes. With an s. Someone is hunting fae.

As if that’s not enough stress—my mother comes to visit because it’s Halloween. My anaconda-impersonating mother who wants to squeeze the life right out of me with her suggestions and critiques.

Did I mention mommy dearest is fae?

And likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong?

Where did those cookies go? I might need one to put myself out of my misery.

Book 4

Stop with the dead bodies already. One—ew. Two—I’m so not qualified for this.

I was supposed to be shadowing my boss on an easy peasy magical drug bust.

But, with my flucking luck, I stumble right over the body of a drug dealer.

This witch took advantage of mixed breed shifters—stealing magic. Not a good look in a town full of supernaturals.

Plus, she hurt a dragon. Now, my chief isn’t just ticked, he’s incensed.

I’m in way over my head, but I only realize how deep the water is when I figure out the killer uses hexes—magical equations.

I hate murder.

But I might hate math even more.

How do I solve this calculating, murdiferous case?

Ask the world’s hottest vampire for help.

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